December 30, 2018 11:10
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(Persia Digest) – Iran and Syria have signed a strategic long-term agreement for economic cooperation in the presence of the Iranian minister of Roads and Urban Development and Syrian Minister of Economy and Foreign Trade.

Noting that peace and stability have been restored to Syria, the Iranian minister said: “This agreement will pave the way for the presence and activities of Iran’s private sector in the reconstruction of Syria.”

Mohammad Eslami added: “The agreement is an introduction to a joint massive cooperation between the two countries so that the Iranian and Syrian peoples and private sectors can, relying on the firm decision of the two governments, use all their efforts to restore life, progress and development to Syria.”

Meanwhile, the Syrian minister said: “While we are writing down the last words of the victory of Syria, today we are also signing an agreement which is strategic and long-term.”

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According to Mohammad Samer al-Khalil, the major points of the agreement is the economic as well as financial and banking investments between the two countries.

He added: “We signed an agreement today which will bring Syria a lasting and all-out development within the framework of bilateral cooperation.”

He said: “The duration of the agreement is 20 years and this is an opportunity for the Iranian companies to come to Syria and invest in all fields.”

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Noting that it is the first time that Syria has signed such a long-term strategic agreement with another country, the Syrian minister said: “The agreement will facilitate trade exchanges between the two countries and remove all obstacles on the path of joint economic, financial and banking cooperation.”

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