December 30, 2018 15:49
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(Persia Digest) – One year has passed since the unrests in the cities of Iran in 2017. On 28 December last year, a series of unguided protests began in Mashhad, Iran’s second largest city, and a number of other cities of Khorasan Razavi, northeastern Iran. The protests began as a “No to rising cost of living” on social media, but gradually leaned towards anti-establishment slogans and opposition to Iran’s political system.

The protests went viral on social media and led to a series of chain reactions in Kermanshah, Khorramabad, Rasht, Ghazvin, Isfahan, Ghom, Sabzevar, and a few other cities in Iran in the following days.

According to Iran’s Interior Minister, the unrests spread quickly to 100 cities in the first few days. Clashes took place in 42 cities and over 5000 arrests were made by the police. Nine-hundred officers were also injured.

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An important point in the unrests was their quick spread. Unlike the 2009 protests, these were more highlighted in smaller cities as compared to larger cities like Tehran, Tabriz, Shiraz…

Over the past year, much has been said about the why and how of the unrests. Some named the opposition (fundamentalists) to Hassan Rouhani’s government as the source of protests and some others blamed the economic situation and government inefficiencies in resolving people’s problems. Yet others traced the unrests back to foreign elements pro regime change.

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A year has passed since the unrests and Iran is calm. It is easier to understand and analyze the protests in retrospect. Persia Digest’s political desk has opened a special dossier and interviewed experts on the roots and underlying currents of protests in Iran last year. Their views will be published on the Persia Digest website in the coming days.

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