(Persia Digest)- Iranian actors and filmmakers have performed on the streets of Tehran in support of the campaign ‘Let’s start with ourselves’ to promote pedestrian rights and using bicycles instead of cars. The street performances took place in the capital’s city center and popular parks, such as Laleh, City Park, and Persian Gulf. The campaign has employed the help of artists to transform values for traffic behaviors.

The views of the famous movie star, Reza Kianian, on the campaign are: ‘We are always used to giving advice to others. But this time, we have adopted the slogan to start with ourselves. Those officials and people who gave advice must now come and join this popular campaign.’

In recent years, many such campaigns have modified lifestyles and formed valuable beliefs on important social issues with the help of the artistic society. One such concrete campaign was ‘Say no to dangerous Wednesdays’ that took off on social media in the last days of 2016. Head of the emergency services, Hossein Colivand, said the number of injuries and deaths went down by 60% in 2016 as compared to 2015. The last Wednesday of the year is celebrated by Iranians with bonfires and fireworks as a prelude to Nowruz New Year.

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