(Persia Digest) -  The Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque is a historical mosque in the city of Isfahan and a masterpiece of art and tilework. A combination of art and architecture is beautifully on display in this building. The construction of Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque started in 1011 on the lunar calendar on the orders of Shah Abbas I to honor Sheikh Lotfollah Meisi. The construction work ended 18 years later. The interior the mosque is decorated with mo’araq mosaic tilework. The mosque is similar to no other mosques as it has no minaret, shabestan or courtyard, but has a staircase in its entrance.

The mosque has a double door made of solid plane tree wood which is still standing after 400 years. There was a beautiful octagonal pond in front of the mosque which was demolished in 1316-1318 on the solar calendar. The dome house had a gypsum floor at this time. An amazing aspect of the dome is that its color changes at different times of the day. In the morning it looks khaki, while at noon it seems pink and in the sunset it seems grey.

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The wooden windows around the dome base let the light infiltrate into the building. If the height of the dome was lesser than what it is now, then the mosque would lack its present beauty on the inside as well because the light would not reach the mosaic tiles of the dome through the windows around it.

One of the masterpieces of architecture can be found in the altar of the mosque which is covered with beautiful and delicate mo’araq and muqarnas honeycombed mosaic tilework.

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