(Persia Digest) – Yosra Soleimani is an 11-year-old girl from the city of Fonoj, one of the deprived cities of Sistan and Baluchistan Province, eastern Iran, who has succeeded in winning the championship title of the world abacus calculations for three consecutive years.

Yosra, who studies in a public school, talked to Persia Digest (PD) about her interest in mathematics and the way she has entered the world math contests.

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“I became interested in mathematics since the second grade and it was then that I won math contests which were held in our city. That was how I realized that I am able to calculate with the abacus and become successful in it,” Yosra told PD.

About her championship at UCMAS, she said: “I succeeded to answer 200 questions - 100 additions and subtractions and 100 multiplications and divisions in eight minutes.”

As for the job she is interested to have in the future, Yosra said that it is very much important to her to be the best, useful person at any work that she decides to do.

Speaking in her childish tone, she recalled the moment she received the championship title: “I was very much proud of being an Iranian, especially when they mentioned my name and the name of my country.”

The genius girl advised other students at her age to strive to become successful in order to be a useful person for their society.

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Meanwhile, Zohreh Mirlashari, Yosra’s mother, who is also a teacher at her school, talked to PD about the level of the world Abacus contests saying: “Out of the 80 country members, some 43 participated in the contests and 2,800 students competed with each other. The number of questions for all levels was 200 and the time of the contest was eight minutes.”

Referring to Yosra’s plans for her post-graduate life and whether she was staying in Iran or leaving the country, her mother said: “It is not important where Yosra will continue her studies; what matters is for her to reach her goals. There are many good universities in Iran. It is very much important to me that Yosra becomes a successful and useful person for the people and her country.”

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