(Persia Digest) – The chairman of the board of directors of the association of Tehran Province tour and travel agencies has said that US is sabotaging the current of money transfer of Iran’s travel agencies.

Amir-Pouyan Rafiei Shad said: “Following the US sanctions and the halt on international relations of the Iranian banks, the banking exchanges of Iran’s travel agencies have become disrupted and channeled into unofficial networks.

“Travel agencies that work for attracting foreign tourists are facing major problems since they are obliged to bring cash money into the country along with each traveler and this has so far caused various consequences. In some cases, the move has led to the travelers’ distrust as it is not a common way in other countries to pay the costs of your journey in cash. On the other hand, since it is impossible to receive the travel costs or prepayments in advance, if the travelers change their minds and cancel their visits then it will be the Iranian agency which sustains all loses.”

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He added: “Banking exchanges through a third country, Turkey for instance, is another way which is more used presently because of its low risks. However, because of the sanctions, a number of the countries, those in the Eastern Asia and Persian Gulf region, have the least cooperation with Iran. There were cases where the travel agency was forced to receive its money through an agent in a third country but no money has been returned to the agency in the end. Some of the agencies have solved their problems by opening a bank account in other countries but their monies have been blocked due to the US sanctions and no money has been returned to the agency.”

Rafiei Shad explained that during the previous rounds of sanctions, there was a similar situation but with fewer problems or sensitivity.

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According to Persia Digest (PD), Donald Trump has resumed anti-Iran sanctions after US one-sided withdrawal from Iran’s nuclear deal with the world major powers. The sanctions were removed under the nuclear deal. The European Union, China, Russia and most of the world countries opposed to the US illegal move.

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