(Persia Digest) – The head of Iran’s national center for strategic agriculture and water management studies has said: “Iran is only five years away from an all-encompassing water disaster as a result of 50 years of mismanagement.”

Seyed Mohammad-Hossein Shariatmadar added: “Nevertheless, it is possible to reorganize and revive the country’s water resources.”

Persia Digest (PD) reports that Iran has been suffering a water crisis over the past years. Sporadic protests in some regions to water shortages or the low quality of drinking water surface from time to time. The country has even witnessed water wars between its provinces like the water pipe for the transfer of water from Isfahan to Yazd being cut 25 times in less than a year by protesters.

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Even so, Shariatmadari believes that Iran has not yet reached the willpower to resolve the issue, lacking a comprehensive, national strategy with proper timing approved by the establishment and the private sector.

But Abdollah Fazeli who is the Secretary of the center for the regeneration of Iran’s underground waters believes that the government and other forces are unable to resolve the water crisis single-handedly and the only true path is the cooperation of all beneficiaries.

Dr Banafsheh Zahraei, General Director of water consumption and management, also believes: “Currently, the government can only limit damages for consumption and increase water supply capacities. But adaptation to water shortages must be carried out by the private sector.”

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To resolve the water crisis in Iran, many projects have been proposed and met with opposition, such as the transfer of water from the Caspian Sea to Semnan, and the transfer of water from the Sea of Oman to Sistan & Baluchistan Province and the three Khorasan provinces. But what will clearly be persisting is the lack of water in Iran and escalation of the crisis in the coming years.

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