(Persia Digest) – The commander of the Iranian army’s naval force has said: “Iran and Russia have planned naval exercises for search and rescue as well as tactical operations and anti-piracy drills to be held in the near future.”

Rear Admiral Hossein Khanzadi commented on the expansion of naval relations between the Iranian army’s naval force with its Russian counterpart.

“Cooperation between Iranian and Russian navies as well as other naval forces of the Caspian Sea region has been strongly promoted in the recent years,” he said.

The commander added: “In the Caspian Sea region, we have relatively good, regular and lasting relations which can be said to have found a traditional form today. The Caspian Sea is an enclosed lake and its security is provided by its regional states.”

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Stressing that no trans-regional force is allowed to be present in the Caspian Sea and “we will definitely confront it,” the commander added: “Caspian Sea is the sea of peace and friendship and all its littoral states are pursuing the same approach.”

He said that joint naval exercises by Iran and Russia in the future is another ground for expanding bilateral cooperation between the two countries.

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“Iran-Russia naval exercises will definitely lead us to a higher level of cooperation in the sea at strategic, tactical and operational levels,” said the commander.

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