(Persia Digest) – The Deputy Speaker of Iran’s Parliament has said: “If the hijab is put to a referendum, it will receive a majority vote.”

Ali Motahari who was giving a speech on the hijab at the Institute of Humanities and Cultural Studies, said: “Based on my knowledge of society, I will say that if a referendum was held on the hijab today, society will vote yes for it. Of course, there are no opinion polls on intellectual and ideological topics; but, a number of women who currently have a bad hijab will vote yes for it in a referendum; because they are aware of the outcome of having no hijab at all. Thus, you must not believe that if a vote is taken, everyone will vote for abolishing the hijab.”

He added: “Presently, there is no compulsion on wearing the hijab in Iranian society. If we make one kind of hijab compulsory for all, for instance the long black chador veil, or say everyone must wear a niqab, this makes it compulsory. What we have now is not obligatory. If, apart from the face and hands, the rest of the body is covered this is considered as hijab.

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Persia Digest (PD) reports that the compulsory hijab for women in Iran has been a hotly debated subject since the Islamic Revolution of 1979 between the pros and cons.

Amid these beliefs, western media is trying to paint a complicated, black image of limitations faced by Iranian women, especially in the case of the hijab. It may be true that women in Iran face certain limitations, but this is not as bad as is advertised in the West.

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Fortunately, many tourists who have traveled to Iran have noticed that Iran is a very safe country. Iranian women are currently able to appear in public wearing either the chador veil or a long overcoat. Of course, they must make sure to observe a certain standard of veil that covers their hair and body entirely.

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