(Persia Digest) – Negar is an 11-year old girl from Kerman, eastern Iran, who has written a letter to former Iranian-American Director of Solar System Exploration at NASA's JPL, Professor Firouz Naderi. In the letter, she writes about her hopes of becoming an astronaut.

Professor Naderi published the letter in his Twitter account.

Perhaps, this may seem as a childish dream at first, but Negar’s knowledge of the work of astronauts written in the letter shows that this is more than just a childish dream.

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Negar writes: “Hello Dear Dr Naderi. My name is Negar, an 11-year old girl from Kerman, Iran. My greatest wish in life is to work for NASA and become an astronaut. I would very much like to tell you about my ideas on space, but I don’t think they will all fit I this letter. I follow all the news and programs about NASA and space. I am already doing regular exercises and workouts that an astronaut must do. I love the space, maths, drawing, and sports.  Apart from working for NASA, I hope I can one day takeoff in a space rocket!”

Negar finishes her letter with a beautiful picture, which is probably a drawing of her on the moon. The earth can be seen behind her and other stars and planets can be seen in the sky. Solar winds are blowing around the sun.

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Professor Naderi has answered Negar’s letter with this encouraging message: “Aim High- even if you should miss it is better than aiming low and have an illusion of success.”

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