(Persia Digest) - Denmark earlier called for a new series of sanctions against Tehran, accusing the Iranian intelligence service of an alleged assassination plot on Danish soil, purportedly targeting the exiled leader of a separatist group that had carried out attacks in Iran.

Sputnik reports that EU member states have reportedly agreed to impose sanctions against Iran’s intelligence service for its alleged assassination plots on European soil.

"Important day for European Foreign Policy! Strong signal from the EU that we will not accept such behaviour in Europe", Danish Foreign Minister Anders Samuelsen wrote on Twitter.

In November 2018, the foreign ministers of EU member countries agreed to consider the possibility of widening anti-Iranian sanctions.

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Previously, Denmark recalled the country's ambassador to Iran for consultations following accusations regarding the alleged murder plot. A Norwegian citizen of Iranian background was arrested in connection with the allegations.

Tehran has rejected all of the allegations made by the Danish Intelligence and Security Service (PET).

"Such statements correspond to plans and conspiracies against strong and constantly developing Iranian-European relations in the conditions of modern serious and special conditions", Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Kasemi said, as quoted by IRNA.

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