(Persia Digest) – Elements affiliated to the Al Ahwazieh terrorist group gathered outside the Iranian Embassy in Holland on Wednesday afternoon, shouting slogans, throwing stones, climbing up the Embassy wall.

The popular “De Telegraaf” has published a film on YouTube and twitter showing a group attacking the Embassy and climbing its railings. One of the group members is seen carrying a flag which apparently belongs to the Al Ahwazieh terrorist group.

Raf Sanchez from the “Daily Telegraph” also re-posted the film, confirming that these were members of the Al Ahwazieh terrorist group.

A frame also shows the invaders attacking the police who is trying to stop them.

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Persia Digest (PD) reports that Al Ahwazieh is an Arab separatist group demanding the dissolution of Iran. It attacked a military parade in Ahvaz, southern Iran, on 22 September 2018, killing 24 people including a four-year old boy, and injuring 68 others.

Following yesterday’s attack by terrorists on the Iranian Embassy at The Hague, Ambassador Alireza Jahangiri conveyed his criticism of the active presence of terrorists in Holland to its foreign ministry and underlined the duties of the Dutch government in safeguarding embassy employees and diplomatic premises.

According to Jahangiri, no one was hurt in the attack and the building has not been damaged.

The incident took place one day after the EU sanctioned sections of Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence, accusing it of plotting assassinations in Europe.

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The EU imposed the sanctions after undocumented information published by the Danish intelligence services claimed that people linked to Iran intended to kill a member of the Al Ahwazieh group living in Denmark. Iran has strongly refuted the claim.

In response to EU sanctions and support given to known terrorist organizations, the IR of Iran announced yesterday that it was reviewing its collaboration with European intelligence and security services and important announcements would be made on this soon.

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