(Persia Digest) – Works presently on display at the exhibition of “Iran – Cradle of civilizations” in the Netherlands are to be transferred to the museum of archeology in the city of Alicante in southeastern Spain.

According to Persia Digest (PD), the “Iran – Cradle of civilizations” exhibition was inaugurated last June in the Museum of Drenthe in the presence of officials from Iran and the Netherlands. It has been showcasing 196 works from over 60 historical sites in Iran. Meanwhile, a similar exhibition of Dutch historical works has been held in Iran’s National Museum.

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The Iranian exhibition was to run only for five months in the Netherlands; however, it has been extended until now due to the warm welcome it has received by the visitors of Iran’s culture and civilization.

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On the other hand, agreements have been made between Iran’s National Museum and Spanish museums to showcase the historical works of the two countries. Once the “Iran – Cradle of civilizations” exhibition wraps up in the Netherlands, it will be taken to Spain. The Exhibition will be inaugurated in Spain in March and it will stay open to the public for four months.

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