(Persia Digest) – The body of Hassan Haji-Nouri, veteran sculptor and creator of the Persepolis column for Argentina, has been buried in Tehran. His funeral was attended by artists and members of the general public alike.

Haji-Nouri’s most prominent work was the recreation of a Persepolis column which was erected in the Iran Square of Buenos Aires in Argentina.

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The column is 19 metres high and Haji-Nouri carved it to scale over a two-year period in-situ in Persepolis. The designs are also on par with the original columns. The column capital is a bull’s head from the columns of Apadana Palace.

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Iran Square has an Achaemenid design and is one of the larger, most beautiful squares of Buenos Aires. It was named after Iran on 12 May 1965.

Haji-Nouri passed away this Friday in Tehran at the age of 92 due to old age.

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