(Persia Digest) – The US Secretary of State has announced an anti-Iranian summit hosted by Poland on 13-14 February. According to Pompeo tens of Asian, European, and African foreign ministers will be attending the summit. Iran has criticized Poland for hosting the summit. At the same time, the German foreign minister has announced that the SPV mechanism will come into effect in the weeks to follow. Is the US trying to influence the SPV mechanism for Iran by staging this summit?

Former Iranian diplomat, Fereydoun Majlessi, told Persia Digest (PD) in an interview: “It is not important which countries will be attending the summit. What is important, however, are the issues which will be discussed and the decisions which will be taken.”

He explained that such summits are held mostly due to conflicts existing between Iran and Israel, saying: “This conflict was highlighted when Ahmadinejad was in office. At that time, issues about Iran’s nuclear program and enrichment were already being discussed, leading to UN resolutions against Iran by the Security Council. These were suspended under the 2015 JCPOA nuclear deal when Hassan Rouhani came to power and the Iranian authorities announced on numerous occasions that they would not be the first to attack any country. But I believe Tehran has to take a series of vital actions to resolve this issue.”

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This expert on international affairs stressed: “Iran must take measures to ensure that the Arab-Israeli conflict is not transformed into and Iranian-Israeli conflict. Also, if Tehran is seeking to put an end to Israeli aggressions and stop its abrogation of UN resolutions, it is best for it to move in line with international laws and UNSC resolutions, including the acceptance of a two-state solution in Palestine or the resolutions asking for the withdrawal of Israel to the pre-1967 borders. Above all, Iran must not surpass the Arabs in this matter, but simply support their demands on the Palestinian issue. Iran can use its experiences to strengthen its defensive and economic capabilities.”

Majlessi continued by saying that the Polish summit is directly linked to the Israeli issue, reiterating: “If the Iranian government wants to insist that its views on the overthrow of Israel are correct the SPV will be called off regardless, as was announced by Germany earlier that serious collaboration between Berlin and Tehran will be postponed until Iran refrains from countering Israel’s existence.”

He stated: “But the rhetoric by the IR of Iran indicates that threats against the survival of Israel are not as portrayed. The Daesh situation in Syria is also clearer to a certain extent now and conditions are ripe for a general consensus. The Iranian government must use its influence for political, regional, and especially economic collaborations in this country rather than in the military and security fields.”

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Speaking about the Polish summit coinciding with the startup of the SPV financial mechanism, the former diplomat said: “The US is conveying a message to Iran here. They want to tell Tehran that it can choose between two paths: Working with the SPV or emphasizing on the overthrow of Israel. Thus, I believe the decision is up to the Iranian government here.”

About an EU member country hosting the said summit, Majlessi commented: “Poland is surely hosting the summit with the tacit support of the EU, because Europe is more concerned with the survival of Israel that the US.

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