(Persia Digest) - Poland has reacted to the summoning of its Charge d'Affaires by Iranian Foreign Ministry regarding the upcoming anti-Iran conference in Warsaw.

Mehr News reports that Poland’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement on Sunday regarding Iran's protest over the upcoming anti-Iran conference in Warsaw that reads, “Polish chargé d’affaires to Iran met with the head of the First Eastern Europe Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran.”

“In our view, the international community has the right to discuss various regional and global issues, and Poland – to co-organize a conference, whose goal is to develop a platform for actions promoting stability and prosperity in the Middle East region,” it added.

The statement came hours after Iranian Foreign Ministry summoned Polish Charge d'Affaires Wojciech Unolt to voice its protest over the hosting of an anti-Iran, so-called ‘peace and security in Middle East’ conference by US and Poland in February.

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During the meeting, the director of the Iranian foreign ministry’s First Department for Eastern European affairs expressed the Islamic Republic’s protest over the holding of the conference by the Polish side in cooperation with the United States, adding “this is a hostile move by the United States against the Islamic Republic of Iran and Poland is expected to refrain from co-organizing the conference with the US.”

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