(Persia Digest) – The Minister of Information and Communications Technology of Iran (ICT) has reported that the “Payam” satellite did not get into orbit. Mohammad-Javad Azari-Jahromi tweeted: “We made our way to Imam Khomeini Spaceport in the early morning, accompanied by former ICT ministers of the 8th to 12th governments. The launch vehicle completed the first two stages successfully, but did not gather enough speed in the third stage to get “Payam” into orbit.”

Iran’s ICT Minister continued: “I would have liked to give everyone better news, but sometimes life doesn’t work as we expect it. Yet, we must not stop here. This is exactly where we Iranians differ in spirit and courage. The “Dousti” [friendship] satellite awaits launch, and our young people get going when the going gets tough. We will build again. Once more, we will prove that friendship will win.”

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After the establishment of the Iranian Space Agency (ISA), three Iranian technical universities began work on “Payam” as part of a series of ISA microsatellite projects.

The “Simorgh” vehicle was intended for the launch. Designing the satellite began in 2005. The ISA microsatellite weighed 100kgs and had the mission of sending digitally stored data back to earth.

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Its other tasks were to monitor vegetation, improve dust control, wildfires and farmlands, and investigate the effects of cosmic rays on satellite performance. The satellite was also tasked with the communication mission of storing and sending a message to earth.

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