(Persia Digest) – Iranian experts have succeeded in producing a type of tar for the first time in accordance with road traffic volumes and international standards.

Known as a major producer of tar in the world, Iran can boost its place on the global market by finding new technologies in the industry.

Annually, some 10 million tons of tar is produced and consumed in the world. Iran has contributed 10 percent of the world market needs in the past; however, its share dropped due to problems facing the country’s exports, leading to other regional states such as Bahrain and Iraq trying to take Iran’s place on the world market.

Currently, Iran produces over five million tons of tar each year and exports over three million tons.

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Traffic volume rate is one of the main factors which reduces asphalt durability. Using tar produced with new technologies will remarkably increase asphalt durability.

So far, Iran has produced tar based on the climate of each area. However, Iranian experts have now obtained new technologies for producing tar based on the volume of traffic of each road as well.

Between 2007-2011, Iran was the country that determined the price of tar in the region based on the quality and quantity of its tar supply. Many European and Asian states were buyers of the Iranian high quality tar.

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The country has currently lost its international status on the tar market due to a lack of proper monitoring over the activities of a growing number of tar producing companies and massive breaches of production and export processes.

Obtaining new technologies will help Iran restore its place on the international market through production of new tars and improved production and exports.

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