(Persia Digest) - The Ambassador of the International Institute for Peace Through Tourism has said: “Iran is seen as a scary country from the outside, although this is based on a political agenda. Nevertheless, one must travel to Iran to see how it really is. We believe that tourism has a serious responsibility in portraying a new image of Iran worldwide.”

Professor Fabio Carbone of Coventry University in the UK has staged two meetings this year on “Peace and tourism” with Iranian universities and academic centers. This is what he had to say on the impact of the International Institute for Peace Through Tourism in changing views: “This Institute believes that peace and security can be strengthened through discussion and trust. Our Head Office is in New York and its main objective is to increase awareness among tour operators, the public and private sectors, and promote peace trough tourism in general. We believe Iran is well suited in this respect and can play a big part in spreading peace and tourism.”

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He continued: “I am from Italy - a country rich in national heritage. But to be honest, I must say I no longer see this originality there. But there are still people in Iran who have treasured their traditions and values in their hearts. This is why I love Iran and I am happy to be helping the future of its tourism. I am sure a huge leap will be taken in this sector within the next five to ten years.”

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