(Persia Digest) - Following reports that Iranian military advisers and weapons will remain in Syria, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) Commander warned the Israeli regime’s prime minister on Wednesday that he should not ‘twist the lion’s tail’.

“Fear the day when Iranian precision missiles hit your positions and take revenge of all the blood of oppressed Muslims which you have shed,” Mohammad Ali Jafari added.

Mehr News reports that the remarks came after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Tuesday that his country will continue conducting airstrikes in Syria targeting what is claimed to be Iranian units. He also urged Iran to “get out of there fast”.

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Describing Netanyahu’s threat as ‘ridiculous’, Jafari stressed that “the Islamic Republic of Iran will keep in Syria all the military and revolutionary advisers, and equipment and weapons which aim to train and empower Islamic Resistance forces and support oppressed people of the country.”

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