(Persia Digest) – Former Foreign Ministry Deputy, Dr Abbas Maleki, believes: “If the IR of Iran approves talks with the US, Trump is one of the best designations for such discussions.”

Maleki was a Foreign Ministry Deputy under former FM Ali-Akbar Velayati and is an experienced Iranian diplomat. In an interview with Shargh daily in Tehran, he said: “Although Trump’s Administration is very volatile, it is this same unpredictability which makes it a suitable candidate. If it is seen fit to conduct talks with the US, now can be a good time. Because, on the one hand, Iran has many winning cards in the region, and on the other, the Americans are under a lot of pressure. This is highlighted by their withdrawal from Syria as they have reached the conclusion that maintaining the cost of manpower and logistics in the region it is no longer viable. Therefore, there is no problem on a global scale with Iran and the US negotiating on the future of the region. History shows that Iran has conducted most of its talks with the Republicans and it is the democrats that have imposed the most sanctions on Iran.”

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He underlined: “If the IR of Iran gives permission for talks with the US, now is a good time for it due to regional circumstances and pressures on the US regarding Russia and Turkey. Differences of opinion between the US and Turkey, and the US and Saudi Arabia have given rise to very attractive options for other regional players.”

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