(Persia Digest) – A meeting between diplomats from France, the UK, Germany, Denmark, Holland, and Belgium scheduled in Iran’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Tuesday 8 January is reported to have been very tense.

Quoting four of the envoys, Reuters claims that Europe has said they can no longer tolerate Iran’s missile tests and its assassination plots on European soil.

Reuters writes that the meeting indicates a sudden turn by Europe towards Trump at the start of the new Christian year, and the collaboration of smaller European states with the harsher anti-Iran policies of France and the UK, increasing the possibility of more sanctions against Iran.

But “Entekhab” website in Tehran has obtained new details of the said meeting, showing that it proceeded contrary to EU claims.

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According to the website, the EU diplomats came to the Foreign Ministry with no announced agenda and began to discuss security concerns.

One of the envoys produces a piece of paper to read a joint statement.

At this point, Abbas Araghchi, Political Deputy of the Foreign Ministry, firmly cuts him off and says: “We believed you had come to explain your shortcomings in the JCPOA or the terrorists you are harboring in Europe and offer your apologies.”

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Subsequently, Araghchi announces that “the meeting is over”, leaves the room and slams the door without allowing them to continue.

The EU envoys ask to deliver their statement to the Iranian authorities, but no one takes receipt of it, upon which the envoys leave.

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