(Persia Digest) – The Head of the Strategic Council of Iran's Foreign Relations has called repetitive delays by the EU to activate the SPV mechanism with Iran under the pretext of its inability to influence European SMEs as unacceptable, saying: “This means the signature of European governments is not trustworthy, begging the question of why they entered discussions with Iran when they knew they have no influence on their companies?”

At a meeting with an Italian IAI delegation, Seyed Kamal Kharazi said Trump’s goal is not merely to put pressure on Iran, adding: “Trump is seeking to weaken and divide Europe. His anti-Iranian summit in Poland is in line with his policy of intensifying divisions between European countries.”

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He pointed out that Iran has shown its commitment in implementing the JCPOA, saying: “Iran’s public opinion on Europe’s approach to the JCPOA is increasingly negative. EU’s interests require more positive steps by the Union to this end.”

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He reiterated: “Giving in to US pressures at this point will only lead to more US pressures on Europe in the future. The failure of the JCPOA will undermine Europe’s security.”

Kharazi added that the US has taken the EU hostage and this would add to Europe’s problems with the US in the future: “The US is seeking to show itself as the undisputed global power. Europe must learn from China and Russia how to stand up to the US.”

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