(Persia Digest) – A source at the Ministry of Health of Iran has said: “Top services given to health tourists in Iran are in gynecology, infertility, cardiovascular disease, and eye and general surgeries.”

Alireza Asgari continued: “The Ghom, Iran, Mashhad, Shahid Beheshti, and Ahvaz teaching hospitals host more medical tourists, of whom large numbers come for infertility, cardiovascular diseases, and eye and general surgeries.”

The Head of Health Tourism at Mashhad’s Medical School and teaching hospital ealso stated that the number of health tourists coming to this city has increased by 30 percent YOY: “Research shows that health tourists from thirty countries come to Mashhad. These are mainly from Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, and the Persian Gulf Arab states respectively.”

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Dr Esmaeil Khayyami added: “We receive over 150 thousand patients in medical centers in Mashhad every year. Services are also provided for outpatients in eye clinics, infertility clinics, skin and beauty clinics, genetics, and limited surgery. Other centres such as radiology, labs, and physiology are also available.”

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According to Persia Digest (PD), Iran is more advanced in medicine as compared to its neighboring countries and is better value as compared to services provided in Europe. This has turned it into a main hub for health tourism in the Middle East.

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