(Persia Digest) - The General Assembly of the Iran-Turkmenistan Chamber of Commerce was held to elect its board members and officialize their cooperation.

Present at the meeting were the Turkmen Consul in Tehran, Director General of the European and American desks at the Iran Trade Promotion Organization, and the Deputy for the Russian Commonwealth and the Caucasus desk at Iran’s Foreign Ministry. The Vice Chairman of the Iran-Turkmenistan Chamber of Commerce, Pedram Soltani, said at the meeting: “The Board of Directors must be elected to conduct business and move towards the trade goals set between the two countries.”

The Iran-Turkmenistan Chamber of Commerce is expected to improve trade relations between the two countries.

Turkmenistan is located to the northeast of Iran and the countries share over 1000 kilometers of common border. Ashghabad, the capital, is only 25kms from the Iranian border.

A 10-year trend in Iran's trade with Turkmenistan from 2005-2015 indicates that exports from Iran has seen a significant growth rate up to 2014 and has surpassed imports from 2009 to achieve a positive trade balance to date. Barring a fall in exports in 2015, Turkmenistan can be regarded as one of the countries where the flow of Iranian exports has been steadily growing over the last decade.

Nevertheless, experts believe that the trade potential between the two countries is far greater, and given the historical and cultural ties between Iran and Turkmenistan, the volume of trade and economic relations can be increased to more satisfactory levels.

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