(Persia Digest) - Poland’s Deputy Foreign Minister Maciej Lang met and held talks with his Iranian counterpart Seyed Abbas Araghchi in Tehran this morning regarding the recently erupted disputes over an anti-Iran conference.

Mehr News reports that heading a high-ranking delegation, The Polish diplomat met with Araghchi to look into the matter, which has been followed by Tehran's strong protest.

No details have been revealed yet.

The anti-Iran conference is set to be jointly hosted by the US and Poland on 13-14 February in Warsaw.

It is dubbed ‘Ministerial to Promote a Future of Peace and Security in the Middle East’ and according to US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, it will focus on Iran.

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On January 13, the Iranian Foreign Ministry summoned the Polish Charge d'Affaires to voice protest over the issue.

International political figures have also reacted to the upcoming meeting. Over 3,000 activists in the United States and other countries have signed a petition on the website of the anti-war group ‘Code Pink’ urging the European countries to bar the conference.

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