(Persia Digest) - Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araghchi said on Monday that Iran has always been seeking to establish peace and stability in the region, but it will never allow any country to build coalition against its interests in the region or outside.

IRNA reports that he made the remarks in a meeting with deputy foreign minister of Poland Maciej Przemysław Lang who is currently visiting Iran at the head of a political delegation.

During the meeting, both officials discussed the so-called Middle East Peace and Security Conference to be co-hosted by the US and Poland from February 13-14.

“Middle East crisis is rooted in the Zionist regime’s occupation, as the major problems of the region is the Zionist regime and its oppressive and occupying policies,” AraAraghchiqchi said, noting that unless the Palestinians achieve their rights, the region will never experience calm and peace.

The fact that such a major issue has not been included in the conference’s agenda indicates that it is a unilateral event and the US is pursuing other objectives, he said.

Another problem faced by the region is the adventurist policies of the US, Iranian diplomat said, wondering how is it that the US is seeking to scrap the JCPOA which is the outcome of diplomacy in the region on the one hand, and claims to be solving regional problems, on the other?

Describing Warsaw government’s reasons for co-hosting the anti-Iran conference as unacceptable, Araghchi said that it should understand real objectives of the US government and be careful about its consequences.

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Iran has always been seeking to establish peace and stability in the region, as it was proved in the fight against terrorist groups such as Daesh, he stressed.

Deputy foreign minister of Poland, for his part, reaffirmed his country’s support for the JCPOA, saying that the conference is to discuss peace and security in the entire Middle East and it will be against no country such as Iran.

Referring to the good history of bilateral relations, Maciej Przemysław Lang said that his country sees Iran is a major player in the region and has a crucial role in regional developments.

Poland’s objective behind organizing the conference is to help solve regional problems and Warsaw as a friend of Iran will never let any actions be carried out against Iran, he said.

The Deputy foreign minister of Poland Maciej Przemysław Lang arrived in Tehran on Monday to meet with his Iranian counterpart Abbas Araghchi.

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