(Persia Digest) – The mysterious Valley of the Jinns, or Kal-e Jinni, is an ancient valley along the Basharuyeh-Tabas road in Yazd Province. Valleys or paths created by floods or the flow of water are called kal in Persian. Locals have called this the kal of jinns because they found the valley to be rather scary and so this magnificent place is now known as the Valley of the Jinns.

The valley has tall, sloping walls covered with interesting impressions which are the result of thousands of years of water and wind erosion. This natural phenomenon was listed as a natural heritage of Iran in 2017.

Caves created by natural erosion are shaped like chimneys or ovens as part of the beautiful landscape that has come into existence along the rivers. As the natural causes of these were not clear in the olden days, they were attributed to jinns and called the chimneys or ovens of jinns.

Tunnels and dwellings called “gabr” created in these rocky walls by Zoroastrians in ancient times are another attraction of the valley. These tunnels are dug in the valley range and are rather difficult to access.

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A palm grove outside the valley growing at the heart of the desert is another alluring attraction which cannot be easily passed by.

Kal-e Jinni is a hot, arid desert which reaches temperatures of 49 degrees centigrade in the summer and can go drop to -5 degrees centigrade in the winter. Precipitation is minimal throughout the year.

Autumn is the best season for visiting Kal-e Jinni.

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