(Persia Digest) - The Polish Deputy Foreign Minister, who recently traveled to Tehran, paid his respects to his compatriots during a visit to the Polish Cemetery.

The Polish envoy traveled to Tehran this week for a visit with the Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister. Iran is protesting the anti-Iranian US summit being hosted by Poland mid-February to discuss developments in the Middle East with a focus on Iran.

The Polish Cemetery in Tehran is the resting place of 1892 Polish citizens who passed away in 1942. Of these 408 are WWII soldiers; but none of them died in the war.

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Most of the people who are buried here were returning home via Iran after freedom from Stalin’s labor camps in Siberia and Kazakhstan.

Poles emigrated to Iran after WWII. Iran had declared its neutrality in the war and had to face many social and economic hardships to welcome the Poles. From 1941 to 1944, over 150 thousand Polish refugees came to Iran from the USSR on their way to Israel and Africa. At the time, Iran was already facing a famine and economic and social hardships under occupation. Nevertheless, they welcomed their guests with open arms despite their own difficulties.

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Be that as it may, sickness and death took the lives of many Polish refugees before they could leave Iran. Special cemeteries were allocated to them in Tehran, Bandar Anzali, and Isfahan. Some were also buried in other cemeteries for Christians. Many women and children also stayed in Iran, married, and blended in with Iranian society.

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