(Persia Digest) - Iran’s Ambassador in London Hamid Baeidinejad on Tuesday called on British foreign and home secretaries to order issuance of visa for an Iranian patient, according to IRNA.

He tweeted late on Tuesday that Miss Soheila Esmaeili needs urgent foot surgery to recover her ability to walk.

“Suffering from pain, she is waiting for a visa to meet her appointment made earlier with a hospital in Britain, but her fourth request for visa issuance has been rejected,” he said.

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“Given her emergency state, the British foreign minister is expected to intervene in the issue and order issuance of visa for humanitarian reasons,” Iran’s ambassador said.

Despite reopening of Iran and Britain embassies, London government is still imposing restrictions on Iranian nationals’ visit to the country.

This is while British Ambassador in Tehran Rob Macaire has earlier said that his country is willing to provide Iranian nationals with suitable services in their legal trips to Britain.

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