(Persia Digest) – The sudden activity of a mud volcano in Tang village near the coastal city of Konarak in southeastern Iran has attracted crowds of tourists.

Mud volcanoes are a natural phenomenon during which mud erupts from the ground like a fountain to form a hill around it.

The mud from the volcano in Tang village, southeastern Iran is a tourist attraction as well as a cure for skin problems. It is also used in pottery, handicrafts and children’s toys.

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There are six mud volcanoes in Konarak and Chabahar, the most important of which is 90kms to the west of Konarak Port, in the Kahir plains near Tang village.

This mud volcano erupts at intervals. This natural phenomenon, unique in itself, was activated a few days ago. Mud was discharged to a height of a few meters with a loud grumble and began to flow like a warm river. The hot mud combined with the smell of earth and steam amazed locals and visitors alike.

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The mud volcano of Tang village is on level land on three small dunes measuring approximately 30 meters in height.

The natural mud is rich in minerals and organic material. It is used to cure skin diseases, vasoconstriction, joint pain, back pain, and muscle tightness. Many locals and visitors come to the site every year and tourists return home with a fantastic experience to remember.

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