(Persia Digest) – With the start of the 36th Fajr International Film Festival in March 2018, the online encyclopaedia of Iranian films called “cicinema” began the first stage of its work to serve the fans of Iranian movies inside the country and abroad.

This is a bilingual Persian-English database of all Iranian films from the start to date which have been formally registered. Thus far, the project includes over 3900 features films and 6000 animations, shorts, and documentaries.

Speaking about how the project came into existence, project director, Iraj Taghipour, told Persia Digest: “The Iranian cinema has a great international audience. Providing this information in English was an important task for this project.”

He commented on the online showing of the films by saying: “In stage three, the films will be shown as video on demand (VoD) for subscriber viewing in real time.”

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He added: “The VoD technology in Iran is used mainly for feature films. Plans are to extend this to shorts, documentaries, and animations.”

According to Taghipour, only officially licensed films, including the ones made before the 1979 Revolution, will be on the website.

He reiterated: “We have used a number of sources to gather information. The book “The History of Iranian Cinema” [Tarikh-e Cinama-ye Iran] by Jamal Omid was used for feature films. We also obtained the DVDs and used their credits for the required information.”

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He added: “We have 17 headings for each film, including their titles, directors, producers, actors, etc, in Persian and Latin. This will be gradually completed and an opinion poll will be added to the site in the third stage of the project.”

According to Taghipour, although the site is operating without an advertisement campaign, audiences from the American, European, and Asian continents, including Iran, are already visiting the website.

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