(Persia Digest) - The Managing Director of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education’s (MOHME) Department of Medical Equipment pointed out that Iran manufactures more than 30 percent of its own medical equipment for the domestic market, adding: “Over 110 types of medical equipment are also exported to 55 countries.”

In a letter addressed to the presidents of medical schools, Reza Masa’eli wrote: “According to the Ministry of Health's policies, all manufacturers of medical equipment have been applying for international standards as from April 2018 in order to promote the quality control of medical equipment, including the European CE marking, and their licenses will be renewed in accordance with the measures taken.”

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He reiterated that Iran produces over 30 percent of its medical equipment requirements, saying: “Over 110 types of equipment are also exported to 55 countries. All the necessary infrastructures for the quantitative and qualitative manufacture of the products are in place according to international standards and Iran is now among the hitech and meditech medical suppliers of high risk level equipment.”

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