(Persia Digest) - According to the World Steel Association, Iran has succeeded in becoming the 10th world crude steel producer in 2018 overtaking Italy, Taiwan and Ukraine.

In its latest annual report, the World Steel Association announced that some 1,808 million tons (mt) of steel has been produced in the world in 2018, up by 4.6 percent as compared to a similar period the previous year.

Despite US sanctions, Iran has had a very acceptable performance in 2018, standing in 10th place exceeding Italy, Taiwan and Ukraine, the report added.

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Iran produced some 25mt of steel in 2018, up by 17.7 percent as compared to 2017 with a 21.2mt production.

In 2017, Iran was the 13th world steel producer following Italy, Taiwan and Ukraine which had respectively stood in 10th, 11th and 12th places.

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According to the report, Iran’s share of the world steel production in 2018 was estimated at 1.38 percent.

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