(Persia Digest) – The Commander of Iran’s Army Ground Forces (NEZAJA) has said: “The armed forces are on alert for a target-oriented, offensive approach.”

Summing up the achievements of NEZAJA’S “Eghtedar 97” military drills, the Commander of the Iranian Army Ground Forces, Kiumars Heidari, said: ““Eghtedar 97” had tangible differences with other military exercises. We unveiled two new approaches during the exercises. The first was NEZAJA’s new structure ordered by the Supreme Leader, and the second was the overall strategy of a target-oriented, offensive approach which applies to all our armed forces.”

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Speaking about NEZAJA using asymmetric warfare tactics, he said: “This is not a strategy, but a tactic. Today, we have put this behind us. We have reached a state of deterrence which does not require asymmetric warfare tactics. We can defend our country with adequate offensive tactics.”

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The army’s Deputy Coordinator, Commodore Habibollah Sayari, also stated that ours is a defense doctrine, adding: “Our doctrine is based on our deterrence abilities. This means the armed forces must be strong enough to stop the enemy in its tracks.”

He continued: “As the Supreme Leader has always guided us, we do not intend to strike other countries. But if it becomes necessary for us to display our power, we will not hesitate to do so.”

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