(Persia Digest) - A first large container ship that called three Indian ports before making it to Iran has berthed at the country's strategic Chabahar Port.

'Today (Sunday) a cargo vessel with a capacity of 3,700 TEU (Twenty-foot equivalent unit) that set sail from India's Mumbai Port berthed at Chabahar,' said Behrouz Aghai, Managing Director of Ports and Maritime Organization of Sistan and Baluchistan, in southeastern Iran.

IRNA reports that the ship also called ports at Mundra and Kandla before berthing at Chabhar Port. 'It's being unloaded normally,' said the Iranian official.

The vessel is expected to continue its journey towards the Iranian Bandar Abbas Port in the Persian Gulf.

No more information has been given about the ship's name or its cargo.

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'Cargo ships will travel from India to Iran's Chabahar on this maritime route every two weeks,' Aghai added.

Chabahar Port has a capacity of loading and unloading 8.5 million tons of cargo annually, according to the authority who stressed that ocean-going vessels, weighing more than 100,000 tons can berth there.

The local maritime official highlighted a 54% increase in oil and non-oil cargo transship at the Chabahar Port.

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