(Persia Digest) – Iranian experts have succeeded in winning a competition with the world’s leading engineering and technical companies for designing and supervising the project of building the largest hydroelectric power plant in Africa.

Some 32 major consortiums working in the dam building industry from Asian, European and American states have recently participated in an international tender launched in Tanzania for constructing the Rufiji dam and power plant.

Iran’s Mahab Ghods Consultancy Company won the tender competing with the world’s largest dam and hydroelectric power plant designers and builders.

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The international tender was launched by the Tanzanian President’s Office.

The Rufiji hydroelectric power plant will have a capacity to generate over 2,115 megawatts electricity.

The capacity of its dam reservoir will be over 35 billion cubic meters which is five times more than the reservoir of Iran’s Karkheh dam.

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To carry out the Rufiji project, Iran’s Mahab Ghods has formed a consortium with Russia’s largest hydroelectric power plant designing and constructing company e.g. the HPI INSTITUTE HYDRO-PROJECTS (RUS-HYDRO) and the Sub-Consultant Advanced Engineering Solutions LTD of Tanzania. 

Iran won the tender owning 60 percent of the consortium’s shares while Russia has 30 percent of the shares and the remaining 10 percent belongs to LTD Tanzania.

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