(Persia Digest) - Iran's Foregin Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif slammed the United Arab Emirates (UAE) hostile policies towards Tehran and said as a result of its strategic political mistakes the country has entered a stage of confrontation which is 'unacceptable' for Iran.

Speaking at the Iranian Parliament on Monday, he said that despite vast economic relations with Iran, the UAE is now treading in the phase of unacceptable political clashes with Iran.

IRNA reports that he made the remarks in answer to a question posed to him by the parliament about the reason behind the recent UAE restrictive policies towards Iranian exchange dealers and businessmen who are working in the Arab countries.

He said that based on a bill by the National Security Council on UAE hostile policies, the government was assigned with the task of finding alternative countries which resulted in working out new methods in addition to the diplomatic ones already existing to create new channels for its economic activities.

He said the new Iranian policy is to use alternative countries and methods to keep the wheel of its economic activities turning without worrying about the UAE government's actions.

He went on to explain that a number of Iranian exchange dealers and traders faced problems in the UAE and some of them were forced to leave the country.

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Zarif said that they were provided with the needed assistance by Iran to move and settle in other countries that are on better terms with Tehran and follow the more realistic views of regional developments.

Zarif added that Iran has taken necessary political measures to confront UAE policies after it continued to press Iranian businessmen but 'still we think that we need to find alternatives. We have been and will be trying to solve the problem.'

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