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(Persia Digest) -  Dotar is one the old musical instruments of Iran and belongs to the family of stringed instruments. Despite its simplicity, it has a melodic tone.

As it is clear from its name, Dotar has two strings and a long neck. It has even been portrayed in some of ancient engravings.

With its dulcet tone, Dotar has come a long way from past times into the present. Sometimes, its neck is decorated with precious natural cyan stones and camel bones.

Presently, the Dotar’s body is made of the mulberry wood while its neck is made of wood from walnut, jujube and apricot trees.

Its strings are made of metal and despite other instruments such as the tar and setar to which an extra string has been added, the Dotar is still made of two strings. The Dotars is played with a plectrum while the Setar is played with finger nails.

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Dotars players in different parts of Iran use their index and thumb fingers for playing, but there are some musicians who play the Dotars with their other fingers too.

Dotars can be found in different areas in different shapes. There are various kinds of Dotars playing styles in many parts of Iran including Mazandarani, Katuli, Turkmani and Khorasani Dotars playing.

One of the renowned and contemporary masters of Dotar playing whose name is registered on his Dotars is Osman Mohammadparast also known as Osman Khafi. He is from the Khorasan region in eastern Iran.

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Master Mohammadparast believes that music is the meeting point of man and God. He also believes that Dotar is “love” itself as it is a calming, gentle instrument. He says that Dotar has originally been made in the cities of Khaf, Taibad and Torbatjam.

Master Mohammadparast is filled with mysticism and deism which can be clearly felt when he is playing his Dotar .

In addition to being a stylish master of the Khorasani Dotar, he is also active in charity work. He is one of the co-founders of a society for benefactors who build schools.

Osman Mohammadparast

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