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(Persia Digest) – The Sarvestan Palace complex is located in Fars Province, 9kms south of Sarvestan town. It is home to Iran’s oldest brick dome and was constructed under the rule of Bahram Gor (V), the 15th Sassanid king.

The latest excavations in the Sarvestan Palace site indicate that the Sassanid complex measured approximately 30 hectares at its peak.

Rocks and gypsum have been used in the construction of the palace. The main section of the building is in the east wing of the site, including one large and two smaller ivans. The main ivan connected to the central hall; this opened up on the courtyard which is flanked by two large halls with brick domes.

In the back of the main domed hall is an inner courtyard surrounded by asymmetrical living quarters in different sizes.

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The ivan and the hall are connected with narrow doors and it is possible that this building served as a ceremonial palace.

Researchers and archaeologists differ in opinion on this building. But most Iranian and foreign researchers agree that it dates back to the rule of Bahram V (5th century CE). As this is a small palace which may not be worthy of a king, some say it was a fire temple. Others still believe it to be too big for a fire temple and say it may have been a royal resort and hunting grounds.

The building is registered as a National Heritage of Iran. It was registered by Unesco as a World Heritage in 2018.

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