(Persia Digest)- It is the fastest car in Iran and the world ditto – that is the Porsche 911 Turbo Model 2014, pictures of which were published yesterday gallivanting about town.

This yellow German car takes exactly 2.6 seconds to reach speeds of 100Km/sec. Worth USD 192 thousand, it was manufactured at the end of 2014 and can speed over 330Km/hour, thus coming third among the world’s fastest above and over McLaren P1, Lamborghini Aventador, and Nissan GT-R. Only Ferrari LaFerrari, 2018 Dodge Demon, Bugatti Chiron, and Tesla S P100D model with 2.35 seconds, and Porsche 918 with 2.2 seconds are faster.

The record setter German coupé was spotted in one of the most exclusive showrooms in northern Tehran yesterday and is worth five billion rials in Iranian currency. In other words, an ordinary employee must work over 208 years and save every penny of his salary in order to buy this car at the end of the 208th year, only if the price does not go up during this time!

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