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(Persia Digest) – Ardabili badam (Almond) stew is a delicious, local dish of Ardabil cooked for large parties and gatherings.

Pichagh means knife in Turkish. In other parts of Iran, pichagh stew is also called kardi ghaeymeh (knife stew).

Ingredients (serves 3)

½ Cup split peas

2 Sliced onions

Enough oil

500g Chopped shank of beef

2 tbsp brewed saffron

½ Cup slivered almond

3 Egg yolks

Butter, black pepper, salt, and turmeric to taste

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Soak the split peas 24 hours earlier (change the water two or three times) and rinse. Caramelize the onion, then add the meat and sauté on high heat until the juices are absorbed. Add the split peas and turmeric and stir. Then add 6 cups of water to the meat and bring to the boil on high heat; then reduce the heat and add half of the brewed saffron. Cover the pot and leave the stew to cook gently.

Sauté the almonds with butter and the remaining saffron in another pan and add to the cooked meat.

Add the salt and pepper in the last part of cooking; then transfer the cooked dish to a frying pan ten minutes before serving and use a spoon to level its surface; put each egg yolk in one part of the surface and cover the pan. Allow the yolks to harden. Transfer the stew to a dish and serve with cooked rice.

You can also decorate the dish with caramelized onions if you wish.

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