February 05, 2019 15:10
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(Persia Digest) – A candidate of IR of Iran’s twelfth presidential elections, Seyed Mostafa Hasehmitaba was also the Minister of Industry and Vice President in the Hasehmi and Khatami cabinets. He believes that Iran’s biggest enemy today is its water crisis.

In an interview with ILNA, he said: “Enemies like the United States can be addressed, but we already have unrests over water in different parts of Iran. This is different from deprivations and immigrations.”

Hashemitaba continued: “Russia and China have no fewer risks for us than the US if not more. The US is on the other side of the world, but Russia is in our proximity and has historically taken our land and religion. By equipping the communist Tudeh Party of Iran, they were trying to eradicate Islam in this country, because the Tudeh Party was dependent on the Soviets.”

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He added: “Another problem we have in Iran is that governments want to run the country with populist policies. In my view, our domestic policies do not guarantee a bright future for our country.”

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Speaking about solutions for Iran, Hasehmitaba said: “The solution is that if we are enemies with the US and have decided on a face-off, we must adjust our internal policies along the same lines and not promise improvements to people. We must either say ‘People, you are revolutionaries. You must eat less and dispense with luxuries,’ or say ‘People, we want to make peace with America, export more oil, and adjust to a luxurious lifestyle.’ Only the truth can give hope to people. They must be told this is the state of the country and these are our plans for it. This will give them hope. Otherwise, they will never become hopeful if we simply keep repeating hope, hope.”

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