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(Persia Digest) – The first Italian edition of Bustan of Sa’di of Shiraz has been translated by Carlo Saccone, Iranologist and professor of Persian Literature at Bologna University, and published by Centro Essad Bey-Amazon IP, Seattle 2018.

The Italian readers are provided with 1040 footnotes to understand the difficult conceptions of the book which is titled Sa'di di Shiraz, Il Verziere (Bustān) Un manuale di saggezza morale e spirituale dalla Persia (Bustan Sa’di of Shiraz, a manual of Iran’s moral and spiritual wisdom in the 7th century).

The book is completely faithful to the original text and is translated into Italian verse by verse with a vertical layout in each page.

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Five translations of Sa’di’s Golestan (Rose Garden) book and one translation of his Divan (Collection) with 101 sonnets have already been translated and published in Italy.

Bustan depicts the Utopia of the Iranian culture which has been enriched and made precious by Sa’di’s wise and sociological taste and vision as he combined pre-Islamic thoughts with Islamic teachings in the book.

Sa’di of Shiraz (1210-1292) is widely recognized as one of the greatest masters of the classical literary tradition. Among Persian scholars, he is known as ‘the Master of Speech’. There is a remarkable similarity between his language and the language presently used in Iran.

Sa’di is the first Iranian poet whose works have been translated into a European language.

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Many other Iranian poets, including Hafez of Shiraz, owed their style in poetry to Sa’di in sonnet writing. Iranians celebrate 21 April each year as Sa’di Day since the great poet began to write Golestan on this day.

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