February 16, 2019 15:50
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(Persia Digest) – Rising red meat prices in Tehran have led to the closure of a quarter of its restaurants.

The chairman of the trade union for restaurants and self-services in Tehran said: “Regrettably, recent price spikes for ingredients, including red meat, poultry, grains, and tomato paste has reduced the number of customers and entailed complaints by our colleagues who call us every day to enquire about the prices of ingredients, increasing costs, VAT, etc, and we have no answers for them.”

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Ali-Asghar Mir-Ebrahimi added: “This year, we have witnessed an unprecedented drop in the number of restaurant goers; so much so that 180 restaurants out of the 700 registered in Tehran have declared they will no longer renew their permits.”

He refuted news of selling meat stews without the meat to keep prices down and attract customers, saying: “I saw the news of “meatless stews” on social media, but have not received any such reports from restaurants to date.”

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