February 19, 2019 16:04
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(Persia Digest) – President of the union for reception halls in Tehran says that although there are no accurate statistics for a drop in the number of weddings in Tehran’s reception halls, it is still tangible enough to have a negative effect on business.

Khosro Ebrahiminia stated: “unfortunately, we are witnessing a drop in the number of celebrations, including weddings, in Tehran’s halls this year due to various reasons such as a decreasing purchasing power.”

He continued: “Currently, these businesses are standing idle and oftentimes they are unable to change their activity as they are for the most part situated in high rises.”

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Ebrahiminia stressed that reception halls are no longer thinking about profits, but simply to earn their daily expenses and personnel salaries. He added: “We have no plans to increase prices next year, because people's purchasing power has dropped and our colleagues are simply seeking to earn their daily expenses. Of course, the government has promised to stabilize prices and we are looking forward to this.”

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