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(Persia Digest) - Menar Jonban is one of the most amazing, precious and unique monuments of Iran, which is located on the Najafabad Road in Isfahan and dates back to 716 AH [1315 CE].

The structure consists of an iwan with two minarets and a surrounding courtyard which is built on the grave of one of the eighth century AH mystics named Amu Abdollah Karladani. The building is decorated with star-shaped azure tiles.

The reputation of this building is due to the oscillation caused by shaking one of the minarets in the structure of the building. The minaret oscillates by shaking, simultaneously shaking the other minaret and as a result the whole building oscillates. If you put a bowl of water on the tombstone, you will see the vibration of the water when the minarets are shaking.

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The shaking of the minarets has long puzzled scientists. The mysterious architecture of this building remains ambiguous for many. The most logical reason for the minarets’ shaking is the physical phenomenon of resonance. Because the minarets have the same architecture, shaking one will affect the other.

The existence of light construction materials in the upper part of the building, the low height of the minarets, the distance between each minaret and the building, and the wooden coils used in the upper and lower parts of each minaret have all helped to keep these moving for many years.

Researchers have discovered that the most important reason for Menar Jonban not to collapse is the existence of two deep grooves in the building which give the building space to move and not collapse.

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