February 27, 2019 10:45
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(Persia Digest) – In answer to the resignation letter tendered by Javad Zarif, Iran’s President has answered: “In the words of the Supreme Leader, you are “trustworthy, brave, courageous, and devoted”, standing at the forefront of all-encompassing pressures applied by the US. I deem your resignation against our national interests and, thus, do not accept it.”

In a letter rejecting the resignation of Iran’s top diplomat today, Wednesday, Hassan Rouhani reiterated: “I am fully aware of the pressures on the country’s diplomacy machine, cabinet, and even the president elected by the people. We shall remain faithful to our pledge to God and the people to the end and I am certain that we will cross this difficult bridge with the help of God.”

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The President’s letter continued: “The song and dance of the nation’s sworn enemies like the Zionist regime over your resignation is the best witness to the victory of “Mohammad-Javad Zarif” and the main reason for your continued activities in your position as the “IR of Iran’s Minister of Foreign Affairs”.

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Rouhani reiterated: “Your Excellency has my complete trust and support and that of the Islamic establishment, especially the Supreme Leader. You must continue on your path with strength, courage, and skill. God shall bestow his blessings on his righteous servants.”

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