(Persia Digest) - December this year, Iran will be a special guest at the twenty second International Handicraft and Gift Exhibition of Milan-Italy, which is one of the largest handicraft exhibitions in the world, with more than 120 countries from five continents in attendance.

Milan exhibition is considered as one of the biggest handicraft exhibitions in the world, and with diverse concessions, including handicrafts, gifts, traditional foods and souvenirs, and attendance of 2900 foreign companies has turned into one of the most visited handicraft exhibitions worldwide in the heart of Europe.

This year, the exhibition is held in a space of over 980m2 with participation of various companies, and Iran has taken measures to attend as a special guest with participation of Iranian handicraft artists, souvenirs, and hand-made Iranian carpets.

Iran is going to take part in Milan exhibition this year with artists from different provinces in various disciplines such as traditional accessories, pottery and ceramic, embroidery, needlework, glass painting, batik prints, traditional saddlery, and ….

The export office of the National Handicraft Department in collaboration with the Tourism and Caring Association has also taken action regarding participation of handicraft artists in a space of over 291m2.

This exhibition will be held over nine days from December the 2nd to 8th in the Milan International exhibitions site.

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