(Persia Digest) – An Iranian official has announced that an adoption portal is set to begin work across Iran soon, adding: “There are ten adoption requests for every child in Iran.”

Supervisor of children and young adults department at the Welfare Organization of Iran, Montazer Shabar, said: “Parents wishing to adopt a child must register on the website first and provide the required documents.”

He added: “In the next stage, the Welfare Organization will invite them to an interview to assess their application for the adoption process.”

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Shabar stated: “The interviews will be carried out at the Welfare Organization and the next steps such as addiction tests, criminal records, and physical and psychological health will be checked by other relevant organizations.”

He elucidated that the applicants must comply with all the qualifying criteria of the Welfare Organization before being referred for interview to psychologists, adding: “If the applicants fulfill all criteria, they will be placed on a waiting list on the portal.”

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He continued: “There are large numbers of applicants and there are ten adoption requests for every child in Iran. The process may even take years in some provinces.”

Shabar underlined: “The portal has successfully been launched in Tehran Province and will begin work soon across Iran.”

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